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Trenchless Sewer Repair For Boulder

Here in Boulder, Co we have had problems with our home’s sewer system. Our pipes are constructed from cast iron and we had to have them cleaned out many times over the years. We had plumbers tell us that we need to have our pipe routed out with a cutter. This is a medieval looking device that has blades on the end of a cable that rotate and cut the roots or debris out of your line. Only to have the roots come back and we would, once again, experience more back ups. We had some Boulder plumbers tell us we need a process called hydro jetting, which to us, seemed like a better process. This is where the plumber uses a highly pressurized water jet streams inside the pipe where the water jet cuts everything inside the pipe. However, to our dismay, the roots and back ups happened again.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Boulder, CO

As you could imagine our frustration was boiling over, here we are again with a faulty sewer pipe line after spending all this money with no guarantees. We then reached out to yet another local plumber who told us we needed to have our sewer replaced. This made sense to us. What did not make sense was the $19,850.00 price tag to dig it up and replace it. Honestly, we have approx 78 feet of sewer line from our house to the city sewer. But, here is where our cost starts to stack up, the plumber has to remove the front porch and dig up our driveway to access the pipe. On top of the exorbitant price tag, we are told it will take approx 4 days to have our sewer fully repaired and our porch and driveway put back.

Repair Broken Sewer Pipe Boulder

My husband and I did not know what to do. So we went on Google and began to research alternatives and to our surprise we learned of a new process called, trenchless sewer repair where according to the Sewer Solutions website, little or no digging is required. The contractor is able to rehabilitate the entire sewer pipeline by inserting a type of liner where an epoxy resin is used. Once the contractor puts it in place they allow it to cure in place, which is a fancy way of saying it is allowed to harden. This seems too good to be true so we called Sewer Solutions and spoke to Jeff and he set up a free estimate with a sewer camera to see if our sewer is a candidate for trenchless sewer repair.

Trenchless Pipe Repair Boulder, Co

Once the contractor from Sewer Solutions showed up they did in fact keep their word and provided a free, yes FREE, sewer camera inspection. They discovered that our sewer was in fact an ideal candidate for trenchless sewer repair. Although our pipe was in bad shape, according to Jeff he could line the interior of the pipe. Which they did, and the best thing about our trenchless repair they did not have to remove our porch or dig up our driveway! And, here is where its gets even better the entire repair took only one day and the total cost was only $9,250!

That is a savings of over $10,000. This is my story and if you are thinking about repairing your sewer pipe and you live in the Denver/Boulder area, do yourself a favor and don’t make a move without calling Sewer Solutions, ask for Jeff.